Patrice Giorda’s exhibition has been extended until 13 July 2023.

The gallery will be closed on 14 and 15 July.

Rachel Labastie, “In the air, flying machines”, Hangar Y, Paris Meudon

Rachel Labastie is invited by Art Explora to Hangar Y’s inaugural eastern explosion.
The exhibition pays tribute to the site’s primary function by choosing flying machines as its theme. Taking as her starting point the universal human fascination with flight and the many inventions that have made it possible to achieve this goal, exhibition curator Marie-Laure Bernadac, in collaboration with Blanche de Lestrange, has focused on how these means of elevation and transportation in the air, and their transformations over time, have inspired artists. While the beginnings of these innovations can be found as early as the Renaissance in Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches, and the advent of the first flying machines in the 19th century inspired the artistic avant-garde of the early 20th century as much as many later raw artists, the exhibition also brings together some 50 works of contemporary art produced over the last three decades.

More information here

“In the air, flying machines”
Hangary Y
9 Avenue de Trivaux
92190 Meudon

Rachel Labastie, Women Warriors – Women in combat, Labanque, Bethune

Rachel Labastie has been invited by the visual arts production and distribution center Labanque in Bethune to take part in the exhibition ” Women Warriors – Women in Combat ” from February 4 to July 2, 2023.

With artists Corine Borgnet, Céline Cléron, Rachel Labastie, Léa Le Bricomte, Isabelle Lévénez, Milena Massardier, Myriam Mechita, ORLAN, Nazanin Pouyandeh, Maryline Terrier, Brigitte Zieger
Curator: Isabelle de Maison Rouge (based on a proposal by Isabelle Lévénez)

Find out more about the program here


Exhibition February 4 to July 2, 2023, Wednesday to Sunday, 2pm to 6:30pm.

Labanque, Centre de production et de diffusion en arts visuels
44 place Georges Clemenceau
62400 Béthune

ELSA&JOHANNA, “Echantillons/Samples”, Residence Les Champs des Impossibles, Perche

Winners of the Capsule 2023 residency at Champ des Impossibles, supported by the Drac Normandie, Elsa&Johanna present “Échantillons/Samples”, an exhibition of extracts from their work. The photographs produced during the residency will be exhibited in 2024.Le Champ des Impossibles, a regional development project and cultural platform managed by Christine Ollier, will host Elsa&Johanna’s exhibition from June 24 to September 17, 2023 at Moulin Blanchard.

Saturday June 24, 2023
5:30 pm Meeting with Carole Bellaïche and Elsa&Johanna: From intimate portraits to self-portraits
7pm – 10pm Exhibition opening
Refreshments and Thai food on site

Sunday June 25
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Elsa&Johanna Workshop: Portraiture and staging
The workshop is free and open to teenagers and adults.

Champ des Impossibles
11 rue de Courboyer
61340 Perche en Nocé

Collaboration Maison Liaigre x Galerie La Forest Divonne

We’re delighted to be able to showcase our artists’ work in the magnificent setting of Maison Liaigre. On view until November at the Liaigre showroom in Brussels.

A collaboration featuring works by Arthur Aillaud, Jérôme Bryon, Caribaï, Jeff Kowatch, Alexandre Hollan, Guy de Malherbe, and Christian Renonciat, among the new Liaigre collections.

Maison Liaigre
Boulevard de Waterloo 57 – 1000 Brussels

ARTHUR AILLAUD – “SOL”, European Archaeology Days at Reillanne and Cereste

Arthur Aillaud is invited by the Musée des Amis des Arts de Reillanne for a solo exhibition to mark the European Archaeology Days in Reillanne and Cereste.

“In Arthur Aillaud’s exhibition, the paintings tell a singular story. It could be archaeology. There are archaeologists scratching the ground, there are excavation fields and ruins. But above all, there are hands, hands that hold the brush as in painting.”

(Gilles Bechet, excerpt from the article “In the palm of Arthur Aillaud’s hand”, Mu in the city, 2021).

Arthur Aillaud
Musée des amis des arts de Reillanne
Friday June 16 to Sunday July 2, 2023
(BD Long-Barri, 04110 Reillanne)

Chromatisme, the artistic nocturne of Beaux-Arts Thursday

An exploration of color in Saint-Germain-des-Près.

⏰ Thursday, June 1, 5-9pm.


On the occasion of the Jeudi des Beaux-Arts nocturne, sign up for a color tour of the galleries in Saint-Germain-des-Prés: you’ll be guided by a mediator and gallery owners from rue des Beaux-Arts, to rue de Seine, rue Bonaparte, rue Jacques Callot and rue Visconti to discover how color comes alive in different specialties, from modern and contemporary art to primitive art, antiquity and design.

Book here

Patrice Giorda – Meeting and projection

On the occasion of Paris Gallery Weekend we will be happy to welcome you for a meeting with Patrice Giorda!
⏰ Saturday, May 26, from 4 to 7 pm.

In parallel, the film “Patrice Giorda, une scénographie intime” (François Catonné, 2020) will be screened during the whole weekend at the gallery 🎉

PARIS GALLERY WEEKEND May 26-27-28, 2023

We are happy to participate again in the Paris Gallery Weekend, from May 26th to 28th 2023!

For this new edition:

Saturday May 27, from 4pm to 7pm
Meeting with Patrice Giorda and screening of the film “Patrice Giorda, une scénographie intime” (François Catonné, 2020).

The gallery will remain open on Sunday 28 from 2pm to 6pm

ELSA & JOHANNA, “Palace Odyssée”, Champs-Elysées Clémenceau metro station.

At the invitation of RATP and Palais de la Découverte, a selection of photographs from Elsa&Johanna’s “Palace Odyssée” series is currently on display on the Champs-Elysées Clémenceau metro platform.

The exhibition will be on view until 2025, and the photographs will rotate annually for 3 years.

From 2023 to 2025

Champs-Elysées Clémenceau station (Line 1)
Paris 8th district

Rachel Labastie, “Neck restraint”, Ceramic Museum of Rouen

Echoing the exhibition “Slavery, Norman memories, Rouen, the reverse side of prosperity” at the Industrial Museum of the Corderie Vallois (May 10 – September 17, 2023), the Ceramic Museum of Rouen welcomes a work by Rachel Labastie.

Since 2008, the artist has been using the motif of the shackle, inspired by the metal collars forged in the context of the repression of escape attempts by enslaved people (on plantations in America, the West Indies and the Mascarene archipelago). A device for restraining the body, depriving it of the freedom to move, the shackle also imposed the cruelty of its material, weight and flesh-wounding shapes. A negation of humanity, demeaning the slave who wore it to the ultimate rank of animal in a position of submission, the shackle remains today the sign of this extreme brutality. With “Neck restraint”, Rachel Labastie uses delicacy to highlight violence. The material used – immaculately white porcelain – also refers to the color of the skin of enslaved Afro-descendants.

” Neck restraint ” (2020), by Rachel Labastie
Musée de la Céramique – Rouen

From May 10 to September 17, 2023

Literary visit to the “Pierres d’Attente” exhibition by Jean-Philippe Altenloh

On Wednesday June 14, 2023 at 6:30pm, discover the “Pierres d’attente” exhibition through a unique literary experience. You’ll be guided by actor Jean-Philippe Altenloh, who will recite a selection of texts and poems in dialogue with the world of painter Guy de Malherbe.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Welcome from 6.30pm, literary tour at 7pm followed by drinks
Rue de l’Hôtel des Monnaies 66, 1060 Brussels


Meeting with Alexandre Hollan
Thursday 4 May from 6pm to 9pm

Alexandre Hollan
The invisible is the visible
until 6 May 2023
– last days of the exhibition –


On the occasion of Fine Arts Thursday & the last days of the exhibition “The invisible is the visible”, we are pleased to invite you to an evening of meetings and exchanges with Alexandre Hollan, from 6 to 9 pm.

Art Brussels

For Art Brussels 2023, Galerie La Forest Divonne presents three artists: Jeff Kowatch, Rachel Labastie et le duo Elsa & Johanna

We will have the pleasure to welcome you at stand 5A-47 from April 20th to April 23rd 2023 from 11am to 7pm, and on Thursday April 20th from 4pm to 9pm for the opening.

Brussels Expo, Halls 5 & 6
Place de la Belgique 1, 1020 Brussels

By invitation only

Rachel Labastie, “Enchanting the Earth”, Château de Rivau

Rachel Labastie has been invited by Château du Rivau to take part in the exhibition Enchanting the Earth, which features a fertile dialogue of artworks by artists who have lived and been inspired by the Loire Valley, and others who express their sensitivity to the Earth.
With her Chalices series, Rachel Labastie explores the sometimes tenuous boundary between the arts of the table and the sacred arts. What does this chalice, made of an earth that won’t dry out, tell us, a magical earth invented by the artist? What does this earthen painting tell us about the sacredness of drinking? Drink, this is my art. An art made of earth and emotion.

Find out more here

Enchanting the earth
Exhibition from April 1 to November 12, 2023
Château de Rivau
9 Rue du Château, 37120 Lémeré

ELSA & JOHANNA, ‘A Couple of Them’ outdoor exhibition on the Pont Saint Ange in Paris

At the invitation of the Fonds d’art contemporain – Paris Collections, which acquired the entire “A Couple Of Them” series of photographs in 2018, the exhibition is part of the collection’s ongoing commitment to dissemination.

Visits will be organized by mediators from the Fonds d’art contemporain with schools in surrounding neighborhoods.

Until May 12
Pont Saint-Ange
38 bd de La Chapelle,
Paris 18th district

Gallery La Forest Divonne & Paris Déco Off

From 14 to 24 January 2023: The Galerie de la Forest Divonne welcomes the design brand ‘L’Objet’ at the Paris Déco Off exhibition

Our offices remain open: ask us at the reception!

Next exhibition at the gallery: Anna Mark ‘Selected pieces’, from January 25 to February 25, 2023

Opening on January 25 from 6pm to 9pm.


Every month, the “Revue du jeudi” offers a selection of works from all the galleries participating to Jeudi des Beaux-Arts

You can now consult the REVUE DU JEUDI/JANUARY 2023


For more information you can also visit the Fine Art Thursday website!

Exhibition Carrefour des Arts Foundation

From 9th to 27th November 2022

On the occasion of the anniversary exhibition “11 Years of Residencies” of the Carrefour des Arts Foundation, meet our artist Caribaï and his works at the Espace Vanderborght, 50 rue de l’Écuyer in Brussels!

Elsa&Johanna, A Girl's Night Out, de la série "The Timeless Story of Moomerland", 2021

ELSA & JOHANNA – Meeting and signing of their new book “What a woman is worth: The twelve hours of day and night”.

The gallery is pleased to announce the presence of the duo Elsa and Johanna on Tuesday 15 November 2022 to celebrate the release of their new book by The Eyes Publishing.

The signing of Elsa and Johanna’s new book entitled “What a Woman is Worth: The Twelve Hours of Day and Night”, will take place at the Gallery, 12 rue des Beaux-Arts, from 5pm to 8pm in the presence of the artists.

For more information on the new book click HERE


The Galerie de la Forest Divonne welcomes you this Friday 11 November from 2pm to 6pm.

ELSA&JOHANNA – Exhibition Maison Auguste Comte – december 2022

As part of the PhotoSaintGermain Festival, from 3 to 19 November 2022
MAISON D’AUGUSTE COMTE, Tuesday to Saturday 2-6pm

Discover the next exhibition of Elsa and Johanna at the Maison Auguste Comte from November 3rd to December 17th.

Invited by The Eyes Publishing, the duo Elsa and Johanna pose their singular view of today’s artists on this vision of women from another time.
Surprised by the denial of women’s humanity and their own sensitivity, the two photographers set out to meet a very diverse group of female personalities. Following the 24 hours that make up a day (the 12 hours of the day, the 12 hours of the night), Elsa and Johanna identified with twenty-four women whom they in turn embodied or photographed in the confines of the home.

The choice of black and white film, which is new to Elsa and Johanna’s work, is intended to give these women and their emotions a timeless character. It is up to the visitor to immerse themselves in the portraits and to guess, or even imagine, the existence that each one carries within her.



Every year in November, PhotoSaintGermain brings together a selection of museums, cultural centres, galleries and bookshops on the Left Bank around a photographic journey.

Meetings, screenings, signings and studio visits punctuate the programme, alongside the exhibitions presented.

3rd – 19th november

Opening november 3rd – 5pm to 9pm


From October 13 to November 19, 2022, La Forest Divonne gallery will present a new solo exhibition of Illés Sarkantyu, curated by Didier Quilain.
The exhibition is realized with the support to the galleries / exhibition of the Centre national des arts plastiques

Photographer and filmmaker born in Budapest in 1977, Illés Sarkantyu is a graduate of the University of Decorative Arts in Budapest. He lives and works in France.

The exhibition at La Forest Divonne Paris gallery will unveil this variety of approaches characteristic of his work through the presentation of several series of photographs made over the past twenty years: from “Mihaly” (2011) to “Ombrées” (2013-2014), then “Paraphrases” (1994 -) and “Hervé (2007-), a photograph of which was exhibited in 2016 at the Petit Palais during the exhibition Dans l’atelier, l’artiste photographié, d’Ingres à Jeff Koons.


Every month, the “Revue du jeudi” offers a selection of works from all the galleries participating to Jeudi des Beaux-Arts

You can now consult the REVUE DU JEUDI/OCTOBER 2022


For more information you can also visit the Fine Art Thursday website!

Un Dimanche à la Galerie – october 16th

Galerie La Forest Divonne – Paris will be exceptionally open on Sunday October 16 from 2pm to 6pm on the occasion of Un Dimanche à la Galerie !

100 art galleries opened on this day, organized by Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Arts.

12 rue des Beaux-Arts 75006

RACHEL LABASTIE – “Corps isolés II”, Musée art et d’histoire de Fribourg, Switzerland

Rachel Labastie has been invited by the Musée art et d’histoire de Fribourg in Switzerland for a solo exhibition entitled “Corps isolés II”.

The exhibition will take place from 25 November 2022 to 26 February 2023.

Elsa & Johanna: The Timeless Story of Moormerland, Maison européenne de la photographie

French photographic duo Elsa & Johanna open the MEP Studio Season with an exhibition devoted to their latest project The Timeless Story of Moormerland, from September 7 to November 6 2022.

Presented in the form of an installation composed of a projection of 160 slides and silver prints, this project, realized in Germany in May 2021, is shown for the first time in France. For four weeks, Elsa & Johanna travelled through the north of the country and temporarily settled in fifteen or so communities, including Moormerland, in Lower Saxony. The artists carefully chose houses with an old-fashioned charm which they occupied while imagining and embodying some twenty characters: a father, a melancholy young teenager, a housewife… The result is photographs which bear witness to an imaginary neighbourhood life enveloped in a strange atmosphere with a cinematographic aesthetic, characteristic of the duo.

The use of autofiction, at the heart of Elsa & Johanna’s work, allows them to portray characters freed from their own identity, questioning in passing the contemporary individual, the notions of self-representation and anonymity. From these images, organised like a family album mixing posed portraits, spontaneous photographs and fragments of scenery, multiple narratives are born.

For more information on the exhibitions, click here


Anna Mark : Retrospective Exhibition

The Ferenczy Museum invites Anna Mark for a retrospective exhibition of her work from July 22 October 23 2022.

Mark has developed a visual language inspired by a myriad of sources. Consequently, each of her works is a complex fusion of materials, gestures and symbols. Her engagement with the surrealist visual world early in her career laid the foundations for her ongoing exploration of the nature and materiality of physical objects. In keeping with her interest in architecture and a skilful balance between construction and emotional power, Anna Mark’s art unfolds in the form of reliefs, gouaches, pen drawings, aquatints and etchings. Later, architectural compositions came to greatly impact her visual language – an influence that still carries into the present day. In terms of content, however, her works – framed by a strict formal order of geometry – convey the reality of, and inspiring force inherent in, the order of the world.

A bilingual monography will be published by the museum on the occasion of the exhibition.

Illés Sarkantyu – “The figure of the Alzheimer’s caregiver”, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Ange Guépin, Nantes

On the occasion of the conference “Pluridisciplinary approaches to the figure of the carer” at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Ange Guépin in Nantes, Illés Sarkantyu presents an exhibition of photographs taken on the figure of the carer of Alzheimer’s patients.

In a context of demographic and health evolution and of reflections between national solidarity and family solidarity to face the consequences of this evolution, the management of dependence has raised the issue of care in the legal, media and scientific space. A new field of research has emerged over the last ten years or so which places the carer at the centre of a very broad scope, in which issues relating to the collective and personal dimensions of support meet, often with political and social implications in relation to a recognition which is still under construction.

Find out more about this exhibition here!

Jean-Michel Meurice – “Habiter la peinture” Donation by Françoise Marquet-Zao to the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 10.06.22 / 25.02.23

The Musée d’Art Moderne presents a new tour of the permanent collections, showing the museum’s key works alongside works that are rarely or never exhibited. The contemporary exhibition is structured around the acquisitions and donations of over 40 young French and international artists. Monographic rooms, such as the one devoted to Jean-Michel Meurice (a donation from Françoise Marquet-Zao).

In memory of the strong friendship between Jean-Michel Meurice, Zao Wou-ki (1920-2013), since 1964, and Françoise Marquet-Zao, the latter has made a very generous donation to the museum in 2022 which reflects the important stages of Meurice’s pictorial career since the end of the 1960s, complementing the two works already in the collections. The artist participated in the hanging of this room of the museum, which is intended as a tribute to him.
Echoing the presentation of these paintings and collages, a selection of films illustrates his activity as a film director and his commitment to documentary film from the 1960s onwards, dealing with art as well as social and political issues. In the 1980s, together with Georges Duby, he created La Sept, a cultural television channel that was to become Arte. This film activity must be seen as complementary to his painting, with which it resonates perfectly and without any hierarchy.

Highlights of Fine Arts Thursday

Thursday 2nd June
5pm – 9pm
Highlights of Fine Arts Thursday

A festive street event, accompanied by the School of Fine Arts band and the launch of the Fine Arts Thursday Tombola!
You can find the schedule of the evening in the Fine Arts Thursday magazine (with its new look!).

You can download it by clicking here.

At the Galerie La Forest Divonne you can discover the exhibition l’OEuvre au Corps with the artist Valérie Novello.

RACHEL LABASTIE – « MARAT ASSASSINÉ », Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Bruxelles

Rachel Labastie presents a work at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium that takes a feminine look at Jacques Louis David’s famous piece, shifting the focus from Marat to Charlotte Corday, the absent protagonist in David’s depiction.

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium has owned Jacques Louis David’s masterpiece “Marat assassinated” (1793) since 1893. To testify to the central position of this painting in the advent of modern art, they are offering an exhibition with an unprecedented approach to David’s work by combining both historical and contemporary views.

Contemporary interpretations by artists such as Rachel Labastie, Picasso, Ai Weiwei, Gavin Turk, Jean-Luc Moerman and Jan Van Imschoot are presented.

From 28.04 til 07.08.2022

From more informations about the exhibition, click here.

Le Vent, Musée d’art moderne André Malraux, Le Havre

Le Vent. « Cela qui ne peut être peint »

From June 25 to October 2 2022

With artworks by Alexandre Hollan

Pour plus d’informations sur l’exposition cliquer ici.

Fantôme trois, Rimbaud musem, Charleville-Mézières

The Rimbaud Museum presents a group exhibition with works by Bruno Albizzati, Hannah Archambault, Nour Awada, Camille Benarab-Lopez, Benoît Blanchard, Simon Martin, Giorgio Silvestrini, Elmar Trenkwalder, Marine Wallon.

Address: Rimbaud Museum, Maison des Ailleurs, 7 Quai Arthur Rimbaud, 08000 Charleville-Mézières
Curators: Benoît Blanchard and Sarah Mercadante
Exhibition until May 15, 2022

Vous êtes un arbre ! – De la fascination à la représentation, LES FRANCISCAINES, DEAUVILLE

The exhibition “You are a tree!” at the Franciscaines in Deauville is on until 5 June 2022.
From the Middle Ages to today, the exhibition presents more than 80 works with a focus on modern and contemporary art: Pierre Bonnard, Henri Matisse, Carl Andre…

Among them, you will find the work “Daphne” by Vincent Bioulès, an update of the myth by this major painter of contemporary figuration who inscribes the characters in the landscapes of the Gard, dominated by the Cévennes. An eternal race that ends up eroticizing the whole landscape.

In the exhibition, a series of drawings of trees by Alexandre Hollan will have a special place. Hollan’s unique approach to the tree, somewhere between painting and poetry, is the result of a lifetime of contemplation and aesthetic meditation.


Click here for more information on the exhibition “Vous êtes un arbre!”


ALEXANDRE HOLLAN – « The Visible Invisible », Galerie nationale hongroise, Budapest

In 2021, Alexandre Hollan made a further donation of some of his works to the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, which is devoting an exhibition to him until February 2022 in the Hungarian National Gallery.
Alexander Hollan’s links with the museum span two decades. Since 2001, he has made several donations of his works to the museum and already in 2011, the Museum of Fine Arts presented nearly one hundred of his works in a large-scale exhibition. In 2017, the artist made another major donation of more than 100 of his pieces. This material now enriches the collection of international art after 1800 and the collection of prints and drawings of the Hungarian National Gallery, as well as forming an important unit within the collection of works by 20th century Hungarian émigré artists.

A trilingual (Hungarian/French/English) catalogue on Hollan’s donations is published in conjunction with the exhibition, including a study and interview with the artist to provide a broader context for his works.

ELSA & JOHANNA – “The Plural Life of Identity”, Städtische Galerie, Karlsruhe – EXTENDED UNTIL APRIL 24

Invited by the Städtische Galerie in Karlsruhe for their first solo exhibition in Germany, Elsa&Johanna have designed a presentation of four of their series especially for the museum’s spaces.

This important retrospective exhibition brings together nearly 150 works by Elsa & Johanna, from the series A Couple of Them, Los Ojos Vendados and Beyond the Shadow, to The timeless story of Moormerland, a new series created in Germany in the spring of 2021.

Fine Arts Thursday

The nocturne of the galleries of the rue de Beaux-Arts every first Thursday of the month until 9pm!

Come and discover more than 30 galleries at night until 9pm every first Thursday of the month

Rue des Beaux-Arts

Rue de Seine

Rue Bonaparte

Click here for more informations about the Fine Arts Thursday 


RACHEL LABASTIE – “Remedies”, Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Brussels

Rachel Labastie has been invited by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium to present this autumn a body of work, sometimes unpublished, sometimes retrospective, of some thirty emblematic works of her work. Her entire oeuvre is duality and makes us see beyond the appearance of things; a concept that she will explore in depth in a piece created ‘in residence’ within the Royal Museums, in dialogue with a painting from the permanent collection. The work is imagined as the ‘off-screen’ of ‘The Death of Marat’, Jacques-Louis David (1793) and will be unveiled at the opening of the exhibition.

Click here for more information on the exhibition “Remedies”.

SAMUEL YAL – “Aux frontières de l’humain”, Musée de L’Homme, Paris, 13.10.2021/30.05.2022

Samuel Yal has been invited by the Musée de l’Homme to design a specific installation for the exhibition “Aux frontières de l’humain”. This exhibition, never before seen at the museum, questions our future as human beings but also, more globally, that of our planet through an itinerary divided into six parts. How far can we go while remaining human, individually and collectively? Has the race for progress not been made at the expense of our planet? These questions at the centre of the exhibition are in line with one of the major questions at the heart of the permanent exhibition at the Galerie de l’Homme: where are we going?

For Samuel Yal, artistic thought is special in that it is based on concepts, reflections and projections that meet the specific constraints of the medium and the studio experience. In this complex weaving of will and chance, an experience of the work is interwoven that in a sense reproduces that of life itself.

Click here for more information on the exhibition “Aux frontières de l’humain”.

RACHEL LABASTIE – “Les Éloignées”, Abbaye de Maubuisson, Centre d’art à Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône

Rachel Labastie has chosen to evoke, in Maubuisson, the living conditions of two communities of women excluded from society in the 19th century. The “relegated women of Guyana”, women convicted of petty crime and sent to Guyana, then a French colony, to marry convicts. On their arrival in French Guyana, the convicts were entrusted to the sisters of the Abbey of Saint Joseph de Cluny. The overseers and the overseen shared the same conditions of separation and internment. Island, prison, shelter, the abbey becomes in Rachel Labastie’s artistic project an ambivalent place where a set of narratives evoking forced exile, the journey of tragically misguided women, the transformation of bodies, between resistance and sacrifice, is staged.

Click here for more information on the exhibition “Les Éloignées”.

CARIBAÏ – “Dans un monde flottant”, Musée départemental des Arts Asiatiques, Nice

Caribaï has been invited to present her artistic work in 2021 in the marble and glass setting designed by Kenzô Tange, amidst an exceptional collection of Asian art. Inspired by the place, she articulates in this original creation two principles of Chinese landscape painting that are dear to her: “Wind-Light” and “Mountain-Water”. From the suspensions to the polyptychs, she accompanies the visitor on his or her museum journey, from the bottom of the staircase to the space of the Buddhist rotunda on the first floor, and guides him or her on a journey that is above all interior.

Click here for more information on the exhibition “Dans un monde flottant”.

ARTHUR AILLAUD – “PEINTURES”, Musée de la Vallée – La Sapinière, Barcelonnette, EXTENDED TIL THE END OF MARCH!

The Musée de la Vallée – La Sapinière welcomes new paintings by Arthur Aillaud, son of the painter Gilles Aillaud and grandson of the architect Emile Aillaud, whose family roots are in Jausiers.

A dialogue between nature and architecture, between abstraction and figuration. A singular exhibition that could tell the story of the work of archaeologists at work, but not only…

Click here for more information on Arthur Aillaud’s exhibition