A photo & video tour of Parisian galleries and institutions

Created in 2020 by Emmanuelle de l’Ecotais, former curator of photography at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and former head of the Man Ray collection at the Centre Pompidou, Photo Days will bring together all the places and events related to photography and video in Paris in November. Building on the success of its first edition, Photo Days will present from 1 to 30 November 2021 a journey through more than 80 places in Paris, including institutions, galleries, fairs, a sales house, and a few carefully chosen private places such as artists’ studios, laboratories or collectors’ flats, in order to offer visitors, both professionals and amateurs, a total photographic immersion at a time when Paris is becoming the world capital of photography.


Every year in November, PhotoSaintGermain brings together a selection of museums, cultural centres, galleries and bookshops on the Left Bank around a photographic journey.

Meetings, screenings, signings and studio visits punctuate the programme, alongside the exhibitions presented.


Come and discover more than 30 galleries at night until 9pm every first Thursday of the month

Rue des Beaux-Arts

Rue de Seine

Rue Bonaparte

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RACHEL LABASTIE – “Remedies”, Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Brussels, 15.10.2021/13.02.2022

Rachel Labastie has been invited by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium to present this autumn a body of work, sometimes unpublished, sometimes retrospective, of some thirty emblematic works of her work. Her entire oeuvre is duality and makes us see beyond the appearance of things; a concept that she will explore in depth in a piece created ‘in residence’ within the Royal Museums, in dialogue with a painting from the permanent collection. The work is imagined as the ‘off-screen’ of ‘The Death of Marat’, Jacques-Louis David (1793) and will be unveiled at the opening of the exhibition.

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SAMUEL YAL – “Aux frontières de l’humain”, Musée de L’Homme, Paris, 13.10.2021/30.05.2022

Samuel Yal has been invited by the Musée de l’Homme to design a specific installation for the exhibition “Aux frontières de l’humain”. This exhibition, never before seen at the museum, questions our future as human beings but also, more globally, that of our planet through an itinerary divided into six parts. How far can we go while remaining human, individually and collectively? Has the race for progress not been made at the expense of our planet? These questions at the centre of the exhibition are in line with one of the major questions at the heart of the permanent exhibition at the Galerie de l’Homme: where are we going?

For Samuel Yal, artistic thought is special in that it is based on concepts, reflections and projections that meet the specific constraints of the medium and the studio experience. In this complex weaving of will and chance, an experience of the work is interwoven that in a sense reproduces that of life itself.

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RACHEL LABASTIE – “Les Éloignées”, Abbaye de Maubuisson, Centre d’art à Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône, 03.10.21 / 27.02. 2022

Rachel Labastie has chosen to evoke, in Maubuisson, the living conditions of two communities of women excluded from society in the 19th century. The “relegated women of Guyana”, women convicted of petty crime and sent to Guyana, then a French colony, to marry convicts. On their arrival in French Guyana, the convicts were entrusted to the sisters of the Abbey of Saint Joseph de Cluny. The overseers and the overseen shared the same conditions of separation and internment. Island, prison, shelter, the abbey becomes in Rachel Labastie’s artistic project an ambivalent place where a set of narratives evoking forced exile, the journey of tragically misguided women, the transformation of bodies, between resistance and sacrifice, is staged.

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CARIBAÏ – “Dans un monde flottant”, Musée départemental des Arts Asiatiques, Nice, 19.05/15.12.2021

Caribaï has been invited to present her artistic work in 2021 in the marble and glass setting designed by Kenzô Tange, amidst an exceptional collection of Asian art. Inspired by the place, she articulates in this original creation two principles of Chinese landscape painting that are dear to her: “Wind-Light” and “Mountain-Water”. From the suspensions to the polyptychs, she accompanies the visitor on his or her museum journey, from the bottom of the staircase to the space of the Buddhist rotunda on the first floor, and guides him or her on a journey that is above all interior.

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PIERRE BURAGLIO – « JUIN POIGNARDÉ », Maison Elsa Tiolet-Aragon, Moulin de Villeneuve, 22.05/09.09.2021

This new exhibition at the Maison Elsa Tiolet-Aragon opens the wounds of war to discover the past century. It brings our era into dialogue with those of the world conflicts that tore peoples apart and tested so many families, like that of Pierre Buraglio himself. Without didacticism or voyeurism, the wars are there, concrete, at human level. With his daughter, Claude, materials and sensitivities mingle, combine and collide to make these tragically unreasonable times resonate today.

PIERRE BURAGLIO – “Now’s the time”, ‘La Halle des bouchers’ Contemporary art center, Vienne, 19.07/22.08.2021

For this new exhibition at ‘La Halle des bouchers ‘ contemporary art center in Vienne (Isère), Pierre Buraglio has created eighteen panels, posters for jazz concerts, which constitute a total work, both aesthetic and memorial, an echo and remanence of this music in him.

The artist is not a musician, but part of his work was created around, with and in agreement with jazz music, a great inspiration for him. Some of his works bear the names of emblematic jazz artists: Bill Evans, Charlie Parker, names of standards that have become legendary: Now’s the time, That’s all… Jazz music has never been a pretext for him, rather a way of linking his work to his experience, to what he heard in Paris, New York, Chicago or Juan-les-Pins, in clubs or in concerts.

ARTHUR AILLAUD – “PEINTURES”, Musée de la Vallée – La Sapinière, Barcelonnette, EXTENDED TIL THE END OF DECEMBER!

The Musée de la Vallée – La Sapinière welcomes new paintings by Arthur Aillaud, son of the painter Gilles Aillaud and grandson of the architect Emile Aillaud, whose family roots are in Jausiers.

A dialogue between nature and architecture, between abstraction and figuration. A singular exhibition that could tell the story of the work of archaeologists at work, but not only…

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Tinka Pittoors – « Les Voyageurs », Château de Seneffe, 10.05 / 14.11.2021

In 2021, the Domaine de Seneffe is offering Tinka Pittoors carte blanche. The Belgian artist will invade the park of the castle with an open-air sculpture trail entitled “Les Voyageurs”.

“The title ‘Les Voyageyrs’ (the travellers) says it all: the red thread of the exhibition is a reflection on the different possibilities of being on the road: fleeing, wandering, getting lost, physically or only in one’s head, far from one’s home or just around one’s room, having fun or being afraid of the unknown… there are so many possibilities; the boundary, between one and the other, is infinitesimal. It is this ambiguity, between boldness and vulnerability, that I want to express. The thread that runs through the exhibition is the feeling of not being there at the right time, nor in the right place. Always on a tightrope, between two worlds… on a perpetual quest like the travellers.
It is very difficult to give a rational explanation of these feelings, which is why I am looking for installations that are between the poetic and the playful. These pictorial creations provoke different readings. It is up to the visitors to travel with my creations; it is up to them to feel some of my reflections…”

Tinka Pittoors

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