Galerie la Forest Divonne, Editions du Mercvre de France and Editions Seghers invite you to an evening of book signings by Franck Maubert and Stéphane Manel.

Franck Maubert is the author of 27 books. He won the Prix Renaudot in 2012 for Le Dernier modèle and the Prix Freustié in 2019 for L’eau qui passe. This year sees the publication of two new books: Une odeur de sainteté, published by Mercvre de France, and Bacon, Éclats d’une vie, illustrated by Stéphane Manel, published by Seghers. Franck Maubert works with Stéphane Manel – an illustrator renowned for his work with brands and magazines such as Vogue and The New Yorker – to transcribe Bacon’s life graphically and textually, bringing us face to face with this fascinating artist, revealing the secrets behind his masterpieces and his relationship with art.
Une odeur de sainteté, tells the story of Jeanne Doucet, a “nose” in the service of great perfumers, whose destiny is turned upside down when she is entrusted with the mission of smelling the heart of a saint, Émérence, with a view to her beatification.
Franck Maubert takes us down fantastic paths at the crossroads of the marvelous and the mystical.



Thursday 30th November 2023 from 6pm to 9pm

Galerie la Forest Divonne – Paris
12, rue des Beaux-Arts
75006 Paris