Alexandre Hollan et Guy de Malherbe : Arts centre at Douarnenez


At the Centre des arts André Malraux, the exhibition moves from Alexandre Hollan’s “entre ciel et terre” to Guy de Malherbe’s “entre falaise et océan”, offering two distinct approaches and gestures based on shared subjects (landscape, the living), shared media (drawing, painting above all) and shared actions (representation “sur le motif”). However, in Alexandre Hollan’s work, the gesture embodies a precise moment and transcribes an emotion; in Guy de Malherbe’s, the gesture relates to the material – that of organic and tangible reality as much as that of the surface of the canvas – and becomes a direct extension of the body.

With Alexandre Hollan, the gesture is slow, inscribing the decision of the mind, existing despite the hesitation of an ever-renewed search, whose trial and error he makes visible. In the silence of observation, the artist translates the “energy flows” of trees into charcoal or acrylic lines that tremble, search and assert themselves in the same movement.

For his part, Guy de Malherbe paints in generous, sweeping strokes; it’s his whole body that moves to bring the canvas to life. The material is not only present to express the cliff, the tormented beach and its rocks, but itself becomes chalk, sand and rock. In other words, the gestures of these two artists are the embodiment of their thoughts. It is through this necessary gesture that thought, body and work come together.


Entre ciel et terre
Entre falaise et océan

20th October — 16th December 2018

André Malraux Arts Centre
88, rue Louis Pasteur
29100 Douarnenez