Guy de Malherbe “Du carnet à l’oeuvre” at Domaine de la Richardière


The Domaine de la Richardière presents a group exhibition entitled “Du carnet à l’oeuvre“, featuring Nathalie Grenier, Sylvain Gaudenzi, Charlotte de Maupeou, Guy de Malherbe.

For each artist in the exhibition, the adventure from notebook to work has its own story. We’re going to take you on a journey of discovery, through a selection of the original notebooks on show. These are intimate objects of the creative process, traces of a particular time.

“My sketchbook allows me to modify my presence in the world at any time. To draw is to cast a line, to anchor oneself in the passing world, to try to moor oneself to it, to try to hold on to it. The line, the color, the shadow and the light squeezed onto a thousand leaves extend my body into the space I’m looking at. The line unfurls and it’s the world that carries me away, pulling me by the hand and tearing my eyes out”.

— Guy de Malherbe


Du carnet à l’oeuvre
April 28th — May 5th, 2019

Domaine de la Richardière
Le Bois de la Richardière
72340 Lhomme