Pierre Buraglio, Retrospective, at MAMC Saint-Étienne



The exhibition Bas voltage / 1960-2019, the first retrospective devoted to Pierre Buraglio, brings together just under two hundred works. It reveals the artistic and social context on which the artist has based his work, and looks back over his sixty-year career.

The chronological layout of the exhibition retraces the major stages in Pierre Buraglio’s production.

Pierre Buraglio began his career with figurative painting, which he gradually abandoned in favor of collage, montage and stapling. His works are created by assembling cut-up scraps of canvas, adhesive tape or colored surfaces that the artist recovers from the street or from other artists’ studios. He focuses on the material, the object, the work in progress.

In 1968, Buraglio became involved in the social struggle and temporarily interrupted his artistic activity. He tackled the major historical events of the twentieth century through his own personal history. He then pursued his interrogation of the manufacturing processes and constituents of painting, extending them to everyday objects (2CV doors, redacted newspaper pages).

Reuse encourages him to draw on art history. In 1976, he reinterpreted the great masters of painting with his “Dessins d’après…”. Giotto, Rodin and Matisse subsequently inspired several series.

The theme of the figure and landscape came into play in the 1990s. The artist set aside his conceptual research: he took up his brushes again and confronted figuration and abstraction.

Since the 1980s, MAMC+ has supported Pierre Buraglio’s work by acquiring major works. It thus continues its commitment with this unprecedented retrospective.

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Low voltage / 1960-2019
June 8th — September 22th, 2019

Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain
La Terrasse – CS 10241
42 006 Saint-Étienne