RACHEL LABASTIE : « Corpus – Corps isolés », Musée Art et d’Histoire de Fribourg, Suisse


Rachel Labastie has been invited by the Musée Art et d’Histoire de Fribourg (MAHF) in Switzerland for a solo exhibition entitled “Corpus – Corps isolés”.

This second part of the cycle dedicated to the body inaugurated last year, this new exhibition puts the notion of isolation into perspective. Comprising several sections, it explores the voluntary or forced forms that this notion can take, through contemporary creations and heritage works. Objects and symbols, people and places are presented, in a progression that begins with the oldest restraints discovered in the canton of Fribourg and culminates in dematerialized and mental forms illustrating the isolated body.

The exhibition’s scenography is based on the cloister-prison association. From the 19th century onwards, many abbeys, monasteries and convents were transformed into prisons and places of confinement. The similarities between the monastic and prison worlds are not confined to architecture. Numerous analogies exist, revealing a porous definition of isolation. There is, however, one major difference: that of a form of confinement imposed by society to punish and rehabilitate, as opposed to seclusion chosen as a way of life punctuated by prayer and work.

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Corpus – Corps isolés 

25th November 2022 — 26th February 2023

Fribourg Museum of Art and History
Rue de Morat 12
CH-1700 Fribourg

Opening hours
Monday – Tuesday: 11.00-18.00 / Monday: closed / Thursday: 11.00-20.00