Winners of the Capsule Residence of the Ministry of Culture at Moulin Blanchard, Elsa&Johanna took over the landscapes of Perche in the summer of 2023 and producing a new series of photographs.
As a preview of the exhibition which will unveil this new ensemble in the summer of 2024, the Champs des Impossibles invites Elsa&Johanna to present the series A Couple Of Them as part of the Parcours Art et Patrimoine.05. This series produced in 2016 and the first major photographic project carried out by the duo, ideally resonates with the theme of the journey.

For 2024, the programmer, Christine Ollier, observed generational phenomena, essential markers of our lives and our society.

The theme articulates unique expressions on childhood, adolescence, family epics, the journey of entire lives, testimony to advanced ages and the social shocks that age and gender differences can cause throughout society. Certain testimonies on rural generations are also highlighted.

As a witness image, photography is at the heart of these practices and represents the majority of the exhibitions this year. It carries within itself, according to the famous text by Roland Barthes, the moment of what “was”. Many photographers have attempted to capture the unspeakable transition from adolescence to adulthood, some have focused on golden age and old age; others relate the passage of time within the family by capturing the evolution of beings over the years or relate a fresco of life.

Around fifteen photography exhibitions to discover in Perche until June 2, supplemented by 4 scenographies of sculptures in the churches of the Route, expressing the fragile journey of human life.

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Parcours Art et Pratimoine en Perche
April 27 – June 2 2024

Perche-en-Nocé, 61309