Tinka Pittoors : « Les Voyageurs », Château de Seneffe


In 2021, the Domaine de Seneffe is offering Tinka Pittoors carte blanche. The Belgian artist will invade the park of the castle with an open-air sculpture trail entitled “Les Voyageurs”.

“The title ‘Les Voyageyrs’ (the travellers) says it all: the red thread of the exhibition is a reflection on the different possibilities of being on the road: fleeing, wandering, getting lost, physically or only in one’s head, far from one’s home or just around one’s room, having fun or being afraid of the unknown… there are so many possibilities; the boundary, between one and the other, is infinitesimal. It is this ambiguity, between boldness and vulnerability, that I want to express. The thread that runs through the exhibition is the feeling of not being there at the right time, nor in the right place. Always on a tightrope, between two worlds… on a perpetual quest like the travellers.
It is very difficult to give a rational explanation of these feelings, which is why I am looking for installations that are between the poetic and the playful. These pictorial creations provoke different readings. It is up to the visitors to travel with my creations; it is up to them to feel some of my reflections…”

Tinka Pittoors

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Les Voyageurs

10th may — 14th november 2021

Château de Seneffe 
Rue Lucien Plasman 7
7180 Seneffe