Rachel Labastie : “Enchanter la Terre”, Château de Rivau


Rachel Labastie has been invited by Château du Rivau to take part in the exhibition Enchanting the Earth, which features a fertile dialogue of artworks by artists who have lived and been inspired by the Loire Valley, and others who express their sensitivity to the Earth.
With her Chalices series, Rachel Labastie explores the sometimes tenuous boundary between the arts of the table and the sacred arts. What does this chalice, made of an earth that won’t dry out, tell us, a magical earth invented by the artist? What does this earthen painting tell us about the sacredness of drinking? Drink, this is my art. An art made of earth and emotion.

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Enchanter la Terre

1st April — 12 November 2023

Château de Rivau
9 Rue du Château
37120 Lémeré