ALEXANDRE HOLLAN : « The Visible Invisible », Galerie nationale hongroise, Budapest


In 2021, Alexandre Hollan made a further donation of some of his works to the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, which is devoting an exhibition to him until February 2022 in the Hungarian National Gallery.
Alexander Hollan’s links with the museum span two decades. Since 2001, he has made several donations of his works to the museum and already in 2011, the Museum of Fine Arts presented nearly one hundred of his works in a large-scale exhibition. In 2017, the artist made another major donation of more than 100 of his pieces. This material now enriches the collection of international art after 1800 and the collection of prints and drawings of the Hungarian National Gallery, as well as forming an important unit within the collection of works by 20th century Hungarian émigré artists.

A trilingual (Hungarian/French/English) catalogue on Hollan’s donations is published in conjunction with the exhibition, including a study and interview with the artist to provide a broader context for his works.

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Le Visible Invisible

5th november 2021 — 20th march 2022

Galerie Nationale Hongroise 
Szent György tér 2
1014 Budapest


A látható láthatatlan. Válogatás Hollán Sándor Szépművészeti Múzeumnak adományozott műveiből