Alexandre Hollan et Vincent Bioulès : « Vous êtes un arbre ! » De la fascination à la représentation, LES FRANCISCAINES, DEAUVILLE


The exhibition “You are a tree!” at the Franciscaines in Deauville is on until 5 June 2022.
From the Middle Ages to today, the exhibition presents more than 80 works with a focus on modern and contemporary art: Pierre Bonnard, Henri Matisse, Carl Andre…

Among them, you will find the work “Daphne” by Vincent Bioulès, an update of the myth by this major painter of contemporary figuration who inscribes the characters in the landscapes of the Gard, dominated by the Cévennes. An eternal race that ends up eroticizing the whole landscape.

In the exhibition, a series of drawings of trees by Alexandre Hollan will have a special place. Hollan’s unique approach to the tree, somewhere between painting and poetry, is the result of a lifetime of contemplation and aesthetic meditation.

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Vous êtes un arbre

12th march — 5th june 2022

Les Franciscaines
145b avenue de la République
14800 Deauville