Galerie La Forest Divonne has two locations: one in Paris, since 1988,  in iconic Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and another one in Brussels since 2016, under the glass-ceiling of a national heritage Art Nouveau Building. With some twenty-five artists aged 30 to 90 years old, the gallery covers all expressions of the visual arts, from installations to drawing. The program spans from figures of the French scene such as Vincent Bioulès or Alexandre Hollan, to mid-career and emerging international artists in all practices, like the Elsa & Johanna duo, American painter Jeff Kowatch, sculptor Jean-Bernard Métais, or flemish artist Tinka Pittoors. Trough both Paris and Brussels, La Forest Divonne organizes a dozen gallery exhibitions and participates in six to ten art fairs each year, including, Expo Chicago, Paris Photo, Art Paris, Art Brussels, BRAFA and the Paris Biennale. The gallery collaborates with a number of museums and institutions across Europe in which its artists are regularly shown or acquired (Centre Pompidou, Karlsruhe and Hamburg Museum, Royal Museums of Belgium, CNAP, MEP, Chateaux de Chaumont, Château de Chambord, National Museum of Hungary, Kunsthaus Zurich, Geneva… and many others). Marie-Hélène de La Forest Divonne, founder and CEO of the gallery, is on the board of CPGA, the French National Association of Galleries and also a member of the Belgian association of Galleries (BUP). In 2014, the President of Centre Pompidou decorated her with the prestigious National medal « des Arts et des Lettres » for her achievements in Contemporary Art.