Following the donation in 2023 of one of his works entitled “Perception of light in colour“, the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts is honouring Alexandre Hollan with a capsule exhibition in the cabinet room of the Post-1800 International Art Collection at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest.

The work “Perception of light in colour” is part of the last series of creations initiated by Alexandre Hollan in 2020: that of light rays.

These monochrome works, derived from his famous “Silent Lives”, go beyond the representation of still lifes by focusing on the radiance of colour. They exude an exceptional fullness and are, in a sense, the culmination of a lifetime dedicated to the quest for the very essence of things, the stripping away of appearances to reach the invisible.

Alexandre Hollan (Hungary, 1933) is firmly rooted in his work on the motif. His research is linked to a purely plastic reflection on the alternation of line and form, working on the “energy networks” of trees or painted objects, and capturing the vital presence of the elements through different pictorial techniques – wash, charcoal, acrylic – on different media such as paper or canvas. The artist focuses on the motif to avoid any abstract drift, to paint the inner energy that emanates from it. Alexandre Hollan’s work oscillates between the visible and the invisible, as he strives to transcribe in his works the sensation of the beholder, as opposed to the simple perception of the external signs of the world.


Perception of light in colour
29 February – 14 April 2024

Hungarian National Gallery
Buda Castle
Szent György tér 2
1014 Budapest