“Emotion has no age”.
Guided tour by Jeff Kowatch and Giulia Giustiniani, art historian and director of Moretti Fine Art in Paris.
Galerie La Forest Divonne, 12 rue des Beaux-Arts
At 6.30pm

As part of Jeff Kowatch’s solo exhibition “Mind and Freedom”, Galerie La Forest Divonne is offering a unique dialogue between works by the American artist and a painting by the Italian master Pier Francesco Cittadini entitled Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, Platter of Cheeses, Cold Cuts and Glasses of Wine, circa 1660.
A comparison of Jeff Kowatch’s work underlines the extent to which it is part of the long tradition of painting, from which he takes his glazing techniques and often draws inspiration for his compositions.

“Every artistic gesture at the moment of its creation has been contemporary”.
– Fabrizio Moretti
Founder of Moretti Fine Art


Jeff Kowatch