Alexandre Hollan

Born in Hungary in 1933, Alexandre Hollan moved to Paris in 1956. For more than fifty years he has developed a very profound body of work which he calls his “Research”. A search for the invisible vibration of trees and things: reaching the limits of the “visible” to touch the true nature of what he is looking at. This major oeuvre has developped through two subjects tirelessly taken up: trees on the one hand, still lifes on the other one, which he calls “Silent Lives”. Alexandre Hollan’s dialogue with many poets such as Yves Bonnefoy, Jacques Ancet, Philippe Jacottet or Claude Louis-Combet resulted in more than 40 publications of art books and artists. Many European museums have exhibited his works and acquired them for their collections (Centre Pompidou, Musée Fabre, Fine Arts Museum of Hungary, Planque Collection, Kunsthaus Zürich…).