09 Mar 2023 - 06 May 2023
Solo show
Saturday 11 March 2023

From 9 March to 6 May 2023, the La Forest Divonne gallery presents in Paris a new solo exhibition by Alexandre Hollan, entitled “The invisible is the visible”.

In parallel to Alexandre Hollan’s exhibition at the gallery, the Hungarian Institute presents from 9 March 2023 an important part of the artist’s recent donation to the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts.

Alexandre Hollan’s research is a lifelong experience dedicated to the deepening of intuition, at the frontier of the visible. The first great visual impressions of the force that inhabits trees date back to the 1960s. A motif that has been explored ever since, as an object of contact with the world and a point of entry into sensation.

Alexandre Hollan’s work thus oscillates between the visible and the invisible, striving to retranscribe in his works the sensation of the beholder, opposed to the simple perception of the external signs of the world.

The exhibition at La Forest Divonne Paris will unveil a series of recent unpublished works that show the latest stages of this ongoing practice in his art. In particular, the gallery will also present another subject, initiated by Alexandre Hollan in 202 and dedicated to the radiation of light. It is this mysterious and profound experience that Alexandre Hollan will propose to the Parisian public.