Chapitre II : rayonnement de couleurs

10 Feb - 29 Jun 2021
Solo show

Galerie La Forest Divonne has been working closely with Alexandre Hollan since 1994.
It has dedicated 14 solo exhibitions to him, in Paris and Brussels. This exhibition in February 2021, will celebrate 25 years of artistic collaboration by bringing together recent works by the artist, through his still lifes, which he prefers to call “Silent Life”, and trees, which he tirelessly draws and paints in all the variety of interpretations he has developed in recent years. The “rhythms of light” will take a special place there: these colourful and light dances that express the energy of the plants, leaving aside the constraints of representation.

Alexandre Hollan’s research is the experience of a whole life devoted to deepening intuition, at the border of the visible. The first great visual impressions of the force that inhabits trees date back to the 1960s. A motif that has been constantly deepened ever since, as an object of contact with the world and a point of entry into sensation.