Hao Shiming

Hao Shiming is one of the main representatives of the “New Ink” movement, which advocates a contemporary interpretation of the millennial tradition of Chinese calligraphy. Shiming works with ink on silk, on paper, on stone. While some abstract works could make one think of “street art” aesthetics, others – more figurative – evoke landscapes or traditional Chinese objects, in the great tradition of scholars. These men who have built Chinese culture over the centuries and have long ruled the Empire. Shiming’s work is nourished by great Chinese authors and thinkers.

Born in 1977 in Heze, Shandong Province, Hao Shiming graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, and holds a Masters degree from Peking University. He currently teaches at the Hubei Academy and divides his time between Wuhan and Beijing. His work weaves a new Chinese identity by combining tradition with modernity. His works have been exhibited at the National Museum of China, the Shanghai Museum, the Today Art Museum, the Wuhan Museum, the Sydney College of Art or the Royal College of Art, London, among others.

Herta Müller

Herta Müller lives and works between Berlin and northern Italy, whose landscapes are essential to his inspiration. The oils on canvases with powerful colors retranscribe the sophisticated sensations in very free abstract compositions.The drawings are punctuated with delicate lines and a light palette evoke the subtle life of the world. Herta Müller develops in her drawings and paintings a vibrant light in which color plays a role just as important as the line.

Her abstrat universe resonates in the viewer a chord and brings back to the surface the diffuse imprint of his own experience of nature. She creates an imaginary nature, a mysterious landscape, she observes and grasps the poetic sensations of the world she passes through and remembers.

Pierre Buraglio

Born in 1939, lives and works in Maisons-Alfort.

If he has long been a painter without brushes, Pierre Buraglio has never ceased to refer to the great movements of art and painting in particular. In his assemblages, his collages, his paintings, the fragments, pieces, traces, seized, juxtaposed, close together, that they are taken in the history of the art or in its immediate environment, compose a portrait by fragment, where the artist struggles with the different facets of both his personality and the world as it is.

Gilles Altieri

Born in 1944, lives and works in Toulon

Gilles Altieri develops a generous gestural abstraction on canvas or on paper that privileges the dialogue of color and black in the freedom of gesture, resulting in energetic and sensitive compositions. He was the charismatic director of the Hôtel des Arts in Toulon.