Philippe Borderieux


Through the use of different mediums – painting, drawing and ceramics – which he considers complementary, Borderieux recreates the atmosphere of the garden, in a burst of freshness and fecundity. In a closed and reassuring space, he expresses, through strikethroughs and coverings, the abundance of nature and its constant renewal. He thus reveals buried memories of the banks of the Loire, the place of his childhood, this wild, central river that irrigates his imagination as well as places like Beaugency and Saint-Amand. A vast landscape made of clay and sand, of an intense light: that of the fusion of the elements. Thus a whole set of emotions and reveries develops, which is revealed by his sculptures as so many nuggets discovered near ponds, in pits filled with heather and broom, captive in roots, buried in the dark peat of the marshes.

Nature is thus at the heart of Borderieux’s work, offering him a wide “repertoire of signs that form the basis of a universal and elementary system of forms and colours”, as Jean-François Mozziconacci (former curator of the Petit Palais – Musée des Beaux-Arts in Paris) reminds us.