French-Venezuelan artist, born in Tokyo in 1984.

“My painting opens onto an inner world made of transparencies, lightness, tectonic movements, traces and reliefs, chasms. It gives us the opportunity to see and feel an intimate journey, on the edge, silent.
It is nourished by reminiscences of sensations.
First, there is a moment of encounter with the world, experienced with intensity, which I immerse myself in.
Then oblivion erases the sharp precision of reality. I look for a language made of crumpled papers, ink, reliefs and traces, to give shape to these moments that have been erased and yet have left their mark.
This work of recollection and condensation attempts to restore the energy of these moments. It is not a question of a specific landscape, or of recognising a particular object, but rather, as oriental painters do so well, it is a question of gathering in oneself and letting this primary energy re-emerge in a movement of transformation.
Through the slow elaboration of a composition combining painting, collage and engraving on wood (Dépaysages series), the superimposition of Japanese paper veils that I paint (Ouranos series), or even installations (Ecran – rêve , Monde – flottant ).

April – August 2021


On the occasion of his monumental solo exhibition “L’empreinte du vent” at the Musée des Arts Asiatiques de Nice (May-December 2021), the museum has published a book of some forty pages entitled Caribaï – L’empreinte du vent, published by Silvana Editoriale, available at the gallery, and has acquired a triptych which is now part of the permanent collection.