31 Mar 2022 - 11 May 2022
Solo show
Thursday 31 March 2022

From 31 March to 11 May 2022, the La Forest Divonne gallery will present two solo exhibitions simultaneously. In the first room, Caribaï’s Clairvoies, and in the second, Philippe Borderieux, Les céramiques du peintre.

For her monumental solo exhibition “l’Empreinte du vent” at the Museum of Asian Art of Nice (May-December 2021), Caribaï, a Franco-Venezuelan artist born in Tokyo, has created an ad hoc monumental work 33 meters wide, a series of panels evoking a landscape in constant transformation, nourished in depth by the Eastern aesthetic tradition. On this occasion, the museum published a 40-pages book entitled Caribaï – l’Empreinte du vent, published by Silvana Editoriale, and acquired a triptych which is now part of the Museum permanent collection.

After this vast deployment, she continues her research, but this time in a new and concentrated form. We will present her recent works : a set of original compositions of small and medium formats, entitled “Clairevoies”, where landscapes of ink and Japanese paper emerge through layers of glass or altuglass.

This series of “claire-voie” pieces invites the observer to a reverie where the game of natural or artificial light intertwines to give way to dreamlike worlds in clair-obsur. The exhibition will also present some suspensions, snippets of the installation Floating World, exhibited at the Museum of Asian Art of Nice.

Here, the artistic expression seeks its visitor.