Vincent Bioulès


Allegro, from 16 May to 6 July 2024, Galerie La Forest Divonne Brussels

Paysages, from 30 March to 27 October 2024, Domaine De Chaumont-Sur-Loire

Born in 1938, Vincent Bioulès lives and works in Montpellier

With Jean-Pierre Pincemin and Claude Viallat among others, Vincent Bioulès is one of the founders of the Support/Surface group, one of the last movements of the French avant-garde, effective in the early 1970s.

During this period, he worked on chromaticism in juxtaposed vertical bands obtained thanks to an adhesive roller, where the work emancipated itself from any narrative content. His paintings show a great rigour of construction and a work of the material, alternately smooth and light or thick and applied in an apparent touch. The mid-1970s was a pivotal period in the artist’s career, as he abandoned abstraction for figuration. Far from being a break, this change is an evolution, a transposition of abstract lessons into the motif.

The panoramas he represents come from mnemonic images, captured several times, at several times of the day, then recomposed in the workshop. He explores colour and light in frontal compositions, cut-out, synthetic forms, inventing a new complexity. His works testify to “what is irreplaceable at the moment” in a research that reflects his passage through abstraction: “What I do today could not have existed without the previous experience of abstraction”.

Due to a major retrospective in 2019 at the Musée Fabre, a beautiful monographic catalogue was published. It is available on the eshop of the gallery HERE