Solo show
Thursday 16 May 2024

From May 16 to July 6, Galerie La Forest Divonne presents an exhibition by Vincent Bioulès, an emblematic figure in painting since the 1970s.

The outstanding painter presents an exhibition full of pleasure, color and youth. It’s the work of a man who marvels at the power of nature, the variety of its colors, its materials and its beauty. of colors, materials and light. Vincent Bioulès returns to the places that the familiar landscapes of the Pic Saint Loup, the Etang de l’Or, the Port of Carnon, the houses he lives in or remembers… The geography of a life Bioulès revisits with a sensual, lively style of painting, as if the artist wanted to comfort us world’s troubles by inviting visitors to see its beauty in spite of everything. The exhibition will undoubtedly inspire energy and wonder in those who see it, and will lesson in painting, celebrating humanity’s dreamy harmony with nature.