Vincent Bioulès

24 Nov 2022 - 14 Jan 2023
Solo show
Thursday 24 November 2022
Saturday 26 November 2022
Mes lieux de mémoire

After the exhibition “The Twelve Months of the Year” in 2020 and our participation in the Chicago Art Fair in the spring of 2022, where the works of Vincent Bioulès were a huge success, the artist’s news has been enriched by the acquisition by the Musée Nationaled’art Moderne of a major and monumental work (190x250cm), from 1983, “The Mysterious Barricades”, currently exhibited as the opening of the new hanging of the collections at the Pompidou Center.

The new season at the La Forest Divonne gallery in Paris will be marked by the presentation of an exhibition by Vincent Bioulès entitled “Paysages de mémoire” from September 8 to October 29, bringing together a new group of paintings by the artist.
Bioulès undertakes an exploration of the gardens of his childhood, to which he returns through painting. Works abounding in greenery and color, in the expression of a generous and whimsical nature.

Here is how the artist talks about it:

“Already several years ago, I had painted a series of paintings called “Memories”; they were indeed precise images related to particular moments and which had not left my mind.
The paintings in question today refer to the founding elements of my sensibility: views of privileged gardens in Nîmes and Montpellier, which have determined my view of the world. The three views of my parents’ garden with their pink skies refer to the fourth Sunday of Lent, known as “laetare” Sunday, when the officiants wear pink ornaments.
The landscapes of Nîmes are inspired by my mother’s watercolors which determine their roots in my early childhood…
As for the paintings of flowers, they want to evoke my dazzlement in front of nature, deeply linked to my sensitivity as a child.”

Vincent Bioulès, June 9, 2022

Here, Bioulès summons a daring palette of yellows, greens and pinks that he arranges as a virtuoso of color, served by a thick, frank, and willingly baroque material.

All the diversity of essences, foliage and flowers present in nature is evoked in a joyful celebration of gardens in fine weather. Bioulès explores his childhood memories and seems to want to fully share the sensuality and enjoyment of plants. Everyone will be able to find the sensation of nature, the intoxication of its perfumes, while browsing through these paintings that capture these dreamed gardens.

“For him [Vincent Bioulès], as Catherine Millet reminded us in an interview in 1995, the principle of fidelity to nature could not be respected without a crossing of the imaginary representations of nature.

Born in 1938, Vincent Bioulès has been a major figure in French painting since the 1960s and is represented in all the major French public collections,

A founding member of the Support/Surface avant-garde movement in the 1970s, Bioulès marked his era with fellow travelers such as Claude Viallat, Buraglio, Dezeuze and Louis Cane. He then left the group to pursue his own independent and free path, as he loved drawing and painting on the ground so much that he rediscovered the path of pictoriality in painting.
He then became one of the main actors of the return to figuration in France, through his work and his teachings at the Beaux-Arts of Nîmes, Aix-en-Provence and especially Paris, which have marked generations of young artists. The important retrospective devoted to him by the Fabre Museum in 2019, with nearly 200 paintings, showed the breadth of this work, from the radical abstractions of the 1960s to the most recent canvases, affirmations of a fullness and a limitless enjoyment of
of painting.

Critics describe him as the French David Hockney.

La Forest Divonne Gallery represents the work of Vincent Bioulès exclusively since 2010.