Mes lieux de mémoire

24 Nov 2022 - 13 Jan 2023
Solo show
Thursday 24 November 2022
Saturday 26 November 2022
Mes lieux de mémoire

After the two exhibitions presented by La Forest Divonne Gallery in Paris in 2020 (The Twelve Months of the Year), and in Brussels in 2021 (Jardin(s)), the gallery exhibited works by Vincent Bioulès at the ExpoChicago fair in the spring of 2022, where they were a huge success. The reputation of Vincent Bioulès was confirmed by the acquisition in 2022 by the Centre Pompidou of a major work of 1983 “Les barricades mystérieuses”, a monumental format of 190 x 250 cm.

From November 24, a new exhibition devoted to the artist entitled Mes lieux de mémoire, will bring together a set of previously unseen works.

In this new series, Bioulès continues to explore the gardens and places of his childhood, which he returns to through painting: works teeming with greenery and color, in the expression of a generous and whimsical nature.

Here is how the artist talks about it:

“Already several years ago, I had painted a series of paintings called “Memories”; they were indeed precise images related to particular moments and which had not left my mind.

The paintings in question today refer to the founding elements of my sensibility: views of privileged gardens in Nîmes and Montpellier, which have determined my view of the world. The three views of my parents’ garden with their pink skies refer to the fourth Sunday of Lent, known as “laetare” Sunday, when the officiants wear pink ornaments.

The landscapes of Nîmes are inspired by my mother’s watercolors which determine their roots in my early childhood…

As for the paintings of flowers, they want to evoke my dazzlement in front of nature, deeply linked to my sensitivity as a child.”

Vincent Bioulès, June 9, 2022