“The Hand (and) the Glove”, Exhibition from 17 May to 18 August 2024, Musée Jenisch Vevey (Switzerland)


Valérie Novello was born in 1971 in Paris. She lives and works in Gentilly.

Franco-Italian artist born in 1971, Valérie Novello has developed a highly sensitive body of work, at the frontier of sculpture, painting and drawing. A graduate of the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Paris, Novello has patiently built up, in the secrecy of the studio, a rich, diverse and profound body of work revealed to the public since 2019 by her numerous exhibitions in Belgium, Italy, France and Taiwan. A precious and delicate discovery that strives to reveal with poetry the presence of memories and things under layers of paper and pigments.

Mainly graphic, his work unfolds at the limits of drawing and sculpture, associating in the treatment of paper techniques of drawing and bas-reliefs, and pushing the territory of drawing towards the domains of glass, wax and plaster, through works that are often monumental.


The Remains
The remains echo a past truth, what was – buried things, abandoned places, landscapes, bodies, ruins – through the opacity of time. They are the memory of things and the memory of beings, in their fragility. There is in the remains the presence of a mystery. What are they the remains of? Of what image are they the sign? If everything cannot be explained, if everything cannot be reached, I try to give shape to a mental image – distant and original – that obsesses me. I seek to approach it, to unveil and reveal it in the present. Of this original image, only the incomplete, fragmented remains are revealed. Each new creation is a quest for what I can only imagine and reconstitute by excavating the material – or materials: organic, geological, genealogical. It’s a work that must be constantly renewed.

Valerie Novello