Participation in Art on Paper Brussels from October 6 to October 9, 2022

Valérie Novello

Valérie Novello was born in 1971 in Paris.
She lives and works in Gentilly.

The Remains
The remains echo a past truth, what was – buried things, abandoned places, landscapes, bodies, ruins – through the opacity of time. They are the memory of things and the memory of beings, in their fragility. There is in the remains the presence of a mystery. What are they the remains of? Of what image are they the sign? If everything cannot be explained, if everything cannot be reached, I try to give shape to a mental image – distant and original – that obsesses me. I seek to approach it, to unveil and reveal it in the present. Of this original image, only the incomplete, fragmented remains are revealed. Each new creation is a quest for what I can only imagine and reconstitute by excavating the material – or materials: organic, geological, genealogical. It’s a work that must be constantly renewed.

Valerie Novello