Anatomie d’un paysage

26 Oct 2023 - 13 Jan 2024
Solo show
Thursday 26 October 2023

From October 26 to January 13, 2024, Galerie La Forest Divonne presents «Anatomie d’un paysage», Valérie Novello’s first solo exhibition under the glass roof of her Brussels gallery.

Valérie Novello’s work is at the limits of drawing and sculpture, combining the treatment of paper with bas-relief techniques. The «Anatomie d’un paysage» exhibition will present a series of recent works in paper, wax and plaster in which she explores nature and her poetic memory of it. Sometimes in the form of bouquets of flowers under glass, sometimes in the form of crumpled landscapes in sometimes monumental formats, visitors will be able to immerse themselves entirely in her work.

Valérie Novello takes us on a journey through the fragments of her landscapes. Truly unclassifiable, her work is constructed like an archaeology of memories. «If everything cannot be explained, if everything cannot be reached, I seek to give form to a mental image – distant and original – that obsesses me. I seek to approach it, to unveil and reveal it in the present. All that remains of this original image are incomplete, fractured and fragmented», she writes.