Rachel Labastie

The material of Labastie is the earth, matrix and nourishing, from which everything comes and where everything comes back. Present and future, memory of the planet and its inhabitants. Rachel Labastie (born in 1978) constructs a diverse body of work that summons performance as well as earth, glass, fire or wicker. Work loaded with personal and family memory, which nourishes a strong reflection on transmission, confinement and coercion. His work has been presented at the Maison rouge, at the FRACs Auvergne, Hauts de France and Nouvelle Aquitaine (MECA), at the Le Magasin de Grenoble art center, Huarte art center in Spain, at the TMAG in Hobart in Tasmania, at the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht, at the Kéramis Museum in La louvière (BE), at the ICEC in Istanbul, at the Château des Adhémar and at the Château du Rivau, at the Espace Doual’art in Cameroon, at the Museum of Decorative Arts in the city in Paris, at the Bernard Magrez Foundation, at the Transpalette art center, or more recently at the Parvis de Tarbes art center, La Banque Béthune and les hortillonnages d’Amiens.