07 Sep - 21 Oct 2023
Solo show
Thursday 07 September 2023

From September 7 to October 21, 2023, Galerie La Forest Divonne Bruxelles presents «(Re)Lier», a solo exhibition by Rachel Labastie.

Sculptor and performer Rachel Labastie works in ceramics, weaving and many unusual materials such as raw clay, wicker and ashes. Her art is both deeply rooted in the material and conceptually rich. Through her artistic practice, she pursues the search for a profound truth about humanity, sometimes buried under the weight of history, and often under the artificiality of our lives. Through a wide variety of universes and materials, Rachel Labastie invites us to immerse ourselves into what binds humanity together, into what connects us over time to our history and our nature.

This exhibition is part of the Brussels Gallery Weekend program, which runs from Thursday September 7 to Sunday September 10 inclusive.