Patrice Giorda

A graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts de Lyon in the late 1970s, Patrice Giorda soon began exhibiting in French and foreign galleries and institutions. Since the 1980s, his works have been part of the most important national collections in France, including the Centre Pompidou.

In his painting, powerful and contrasted, where the golden light builds the space of the canvas, the symbolic representation of nature or man goes beyond simple landscapes, scenes, portraits or still lifes: reality is enriched by the memory and permanence of a quest that Giorda qualifies as “digging of the being”. He attunes the untunable: the dazzling beauty of light and color, and the depth of the shadows of solitude.

Galerie La Forest Divonne represents Patrice Giorda’s work from 2023. The first solo show took place in Paris from May 11 to July 8, 2023.