Patrice Giorda

10 May - 13 Jul 2023
Solo show
Wednesday 10 May 2023

Galerie La Forest Divonne is pleased to announce the representation of the work of Patrice Giorda and to present a new solo exhibition of the artist in Paris from May 10, 2023.

Born in Lyon in 1952, Patrice Giorda has never ceased to assert his singularity as a painter. Interested as much in the ways of renewing the pictorial language as in the history of his medium, the artist has kept an unshakeable faith in the powers of representation of painting.

For this first exhibition, the Gallery has selected recent paintings of southern landscapes and views of his studio, alongside some iconic paintings from 2013 to 2019.

In the landscape series, we see the brilliant beauty of the light reflected in the pine trees alongside the mineral and architectural elements, where the bright colors, so typical of the artist – yellows, blues, greens, pinks – seem to set the whole canvas ablaze. Then in the series on the theme of the studio, the depth of the shadows and the corners of the place from which emanates a feeling of solitude and mystery are suddenly illuminated by a Golgotha on a blue background on a painting in progress, or the red door that opens onto the artist’s lair.
As Gérard Mordillat reminds us in the important monograph devoted to Patrice Giorda: “Giorda shares with the great artists of Antiquity the sense of tragedy. Not the black and white tragedy of contemporary photography. No, the tragedy dazzled by the light of the circus or the battlefield, burning under an implacable sun (…)”.