After studying law and political science, Alain Veinstein joined the ORTF in 1969, as an administrator in the personnel department. He joined the programme department in 1972, in charge of radio and literary and artistic television programmes. When the ORTF broke up in 1975, he chose to be assigned to Radio France as advisor to the director of France Culture. In 1978, he created Les Nuits magnétiques, which would become Surpris par la nuit when the arrival of digital technology put an end to the adventure of magnetic tape as a medium for radio work. At the same time, from 1985 until 2014, he presented Du jour au lendemain, a daily appointment with the author of a book.

As a writer, Alain Veinstein has published poems and novels. He received the Mallarmé Prize and the Grand Prix de poésie de l’Académie française in 2003, and in 2010, the Prix de la langue française for his body of literary work and, in 2014, the Grand Prix de la SCAM for his body of radio work.

Since 2015, he has devoted himself exclusively to painting. One exception: the book Papiers peints (éditions du Seuil) where he tells the story, with 60 illustrations, of the resumption of his long-suspended vocation.