Daphne and me

05 Sep - 19 Oct 2019
Solo show
Thursday 05 September 2019

For Brussels Gallery Weekend 2019, Galerie La Forest Divonne presents an ambitious show by Tinka Pittoors featuring sculptures and installations.

Tinka creates baroque and colourful structures in Epoxy and ceramics, often mixed with everyday objects.

She has shown in MUKHA Antwerp, SMAK Gent, MMuseum Leuven, Museum aan Zee Den Haag, BAM Mons, Palais d’Iéna, Mol Kiest Kunst, CBK Zeeland, Sidney Biennial and many others.

For Brussels Gallery Week-end 2019, she takes over the scenic space of the gallery, puting its walls down on the floor to create a surprising scenography and journey through her recent works.

Curator: Yolande De Bontridder