Solo show
Thursday 14 March 2024

From 14 March to 11 May, Galerie La Forest Divonne presents “Résonance”, a solo exhibition by Jean-Bernard Métais.

“Résonance” is Jean-Bernard Métais’ fourth exhibition at Galerie La Forest Divonne-Bruxelles. Like his overflowing studio, it will bring together metal sculptures, hourglasses, glass bulbs and photographs, between which weaves the red thread of Métais’ work: movement, light and time.

Following in the footsteps of his often monumental “sensory chambers”, Jean-Bernard Métais’ new sculptures here are both rounder and more intimate: smaller, often modular, with curving, dancing lines, through which the kinetic movement of the iron mesh is still activated by the intrigued viewer as he moves through the exhibition space. More familiar in size, softer in form, they are also brighter, with Métais exploring bright colours here, from brilliant red to azure blue and white, in dialogue with the historic black that marked his previous creations.

Movement is also at the heart of the hourglasses, which the viewer is invited to activate in turn. A whole series of new hourglasses, ‘Être mots’, whose shape and result are both a geometric landscape and the imprint of words that make up the artist’s litany: AMOUR, IVRESSE, ICI, EPERDUMENT… Traced by the flow of sand, they are an invitation to live intensely the emotion of present time, always moving, always ephemeral, but always to be started again, like these hourglasses that visitors can turn over and over again.