Solo show
Thursday 10 February 2022

From February 10 to March 19, Galerie La Forest Divonne presents Ivresse, an exhibition of photographs by Jean-Bernard Métais.

These photos all have the same framing, all the same subject: wine vats… Always the same circle inscribed in the square edges of the image. In this restricted space, however, it is all the diversity of biology, matter, forms and colors that is displayed before our amazed eyes. Traveling from one image to another, we no longer know if we are glued to the lens of a microscope or a telescope. The border between the infinitely small and the infinitely large is abolished. Métais takes us into his poetic vision of the world, and the grape juice becomes a milky way, the deposit it leaves behind, the delta of a river, the sand, the retina …. The alchemy of the winemaker who transforms the fruit into nectar joins that of the artist who transforms reality into a poetic song.