Pierres d’attente

11 May - 20 Jul 2023
Solo show
Thursday 11 May 2023

The Galerie La Forest Divonne presents the recent paintings of Guy de Malherbe in a solo exhibition entitled “Pierres d’attente” until July 20. Landscapes or still lifes very expressive, in which rocks or oyster shells open the door to dreams or imagination.

One thinks of the “dream stones” so present in Chinese culture, which for the scholars become the passage to poetry and travel. The title of the exhibition also refers to these protruding stones, which are placed from space to space at the end of a wall, so as to be able to link up with a later construction. In this way, Guy de Malherbe’s paintings and the forms found therein cannot be read in open book: they form a bridge towards a meaning to be constructed by the visitor, towards a subtext where the symbolic and the unconscious mingle. Each canvas also functions as a stone of expectation, leading by rebound from one to the other, whether from a rock to a landscape or to a shell which would in turn become a cliff or a precipice.

Guy de Malherbe takes his inspiration here by the sea or in front of a beautiful plate of oysters, which he then interprets freely to immerse himself entirely in the pleasure of materials and colours, giving a very contemporary interpretation of these great subjects of art history.