Bruno Albizzati

23 Jun 2022 - 22 Jul 2022
Solo show
Thursday 23 June 2022
Bruno Albizzati (1988-2021)

It is with great emotion that La Forest Divonne gallery is organising this solo exhibition of Bruno Albizzati’s work (1988-2021) in Paris from 23 June to 22 July 2022. The gallery has represented Bruno Albizzati’s work since 2015. Bruno’s sudden death last spring was a great shock.
This exhibition was planned with him, and it is with his family that we will pay tribute to him. It will be an opportunity to present the different bodies of his work, essentially made on paper, which he entitled the “crumpled” and the “consumed/composites”.
Graduating from the Decorative Arts in 2012, he demonstrated a truly remarkable mastery of drawing, which remains perceptible even if his work quickly turned to abstraction. “Rooted in graphic and pictorial work, his artistic practice unfolds: dry techniques of charcoal, graphite powder and pigments for a part, pictorial work with aerosol and also aggregates of textured materials… The porosity between the different experiments is central.
With his crumpled papers, he is not unaware of the work of Simon Hantaï. In his paintings, blues, beiges and pinks cohabit with more and more white, as in the last drawings of Paul Cézanne, for whom white was a step towards light. (Booklet for the CAC St Restitut exhibition in 2022).

In Albizzati’s work, the light always seems to come from the depths of the support, as if it were gently hatching on its surface – a surface whose material is very sophisticated. Here the surface is polished by lead pencil, there a cracked resin where layers of wax under the spray give a lunar impression with its craters and accidents, which catch the light or reveal it. At other times, Albizzati mishandles his support: he crumples the paper, folds it, tears it, leaves it aside in natural light or
He crumples the paper, folds it, tears it, leaves it aside in natural light or even in the rain, only to come back to it and make a mysterious landscape – real or imaginary – emerge from these wounds.
“Bruno Albizzati makes prints of black, rubbed and scratched, like permanent and intermittent pieces of memory. The negative and the positive of the print are viewed in an almost photographic device, offered to the visitor’s experience. Alicia Knock, Heritage Curator – Centre Pompidou

Following the solo exhibition of a hundred or so works organised in early 2022 at the Saint Restitut Cultural Centre, and on the occasion of this exhibition at the gallery, a catalogue will be published by the La Forest Divonne Gallery (available mid-June).