Tinka Pittoors

Tinka Pittors

Tinka Pittoors (1977) is a Belgian artist, living in Antwerp. She creates baroque and colourful structures in Epoxy and ceramics, often mixed with everyday objects. She has shown in MUKHA Antwerp, SMAK Gent, MMuseum Leuven, Museum aan Zee Den Haag, BAM Mons, Palais d’Iéna, Mol Kiest Kunst, CBK Zeeland, Sidney Biennial,… Tinka Pittoors’ artworks often link the evident joy and playfullness of colours and objects to a subtle underlying violence. One thinks of the distubing universe of Alice in Wonderland, for the atmosphere, while Niki de Saint Phalle is an interesting reference for these surprising colourful sculputres, with a naïve touch although conveying a deep senstivity to the main issuses of our time.


New monograph published on the occasion of the exhibition “Les Voyageurs” at the Château de Seneffe. Available on our E-shop.