Jean-Michel Meurice

At the forefront of the Supports / Surfaces movement from the beginning of the sixties, Jean-Michel Meurice has built a constant and vigorous body of works. The rigor learned from history mingles with the vital energy of colors and the freedom of spaces open to new forms. A great traveler, Meurice bases his work on a deep knowledge of the arts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This knowledge associated with a great sensitivity, which places the pleasure of painting at the heart of his approach, leads Jean-Michel Meurice to constantly explore new systems of creation whose aim is to give color its full expression. Meurice (born in 1938) brought together his work as a painter with that of a filmmaker. He has made over a hundred documentary films, on all sort of topics, in particular on the great artists of his time. He was one of the founders of the audiovisual channel Arte, and its first director.