Christian Renonciat

Born in Paris in 1947, Christian Renonciat studied in philosophy at the Sorbonne. From 1969 he learned the woodworking trades, which would become the heart of his artistic practice. Over the years, his interest in the matter of things as a subject became clearer, sculpted in wood through various representations, from the most hyper realistic to almost abstract works. His work is shown in France, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Japan, China, South Korea …on a regular basis. He also develops another path, that of monumental creation, for which he combines imagination and technique in very diverse materials (cast steel, bronze, aluminum, gardens, etc.) often with the tone of an imaginary archeology. Some of his Installations are in Saumur, Tokyo, Sapporo, Atlanta, San Francisco, Monte-Carlo, Aytré, La Rochelle, Paris, Issy, Reims, London, Seoul, etc.