Christian Renonciat


Born in 1947, Christian Renonciat studied at the Sorbonne and obtained a degree in philosophy.  In 1969, he entered an art workshop in Antibes, where he practiced woodworking for six years.
In 1975, he opened his own workshop in Valbonne where his first sculptures were born.
Back in Paris, Christian Renonciat presented his first exhibition in 1978 at the Alain Blondel gallery.

Renonciat seeks to reach the sensuality of perception to awaken the knowledge of touch.
His works speak to our ears and our hands. The intervention of the artist on the material to arrive at the modelled and the exact folded, of the paper, the plastic or the wool, is spectacular, but Renonciat leaves the spectacle aside, to leave us all to the pleasure of the line, to the softness of the curve, to the tremor of the fold. The sculptor erases any trace of his hand, preferring to open, as he writes, «the prodigious library of sensations in memory». In front of his sculptures one has instantly the sensation of the paper or the envelope at the end of the fingers, with its lightness, and its noise, or that of the cardboard which tears; the softness and the rebound of the foam, the heat of the wool.
Since 1984, Christian Renonciat has followed a second parallel path, monumental creation, for which he combines imagination and technique in very diverse materials (cast steel, bronze, aluminum, gardens, etc.) often with the tone of a dreamlike archeology.
Today, he finds the matter of things in large mural compositions of carved wood, such as tapestries of sheet, plastic, wool, paper or cardboard.

His work is shown in France, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Japan, China, South Korea… Some of his Installations are in Saumur, Tokyo, Sapporo, Atlanta, San Francisco, Monte-Carlo, Aytré, La Rochelle, Paris, Issy, Reims, London, Seoul, etc.