Anna Mark


Coming from a background of poets and intellectuals, Anna Mark studied painting at the Budapest School of Fine Arts, then worked as a stage designer. She left Hungary in 1956. After staying in Saarbrücken, she moved to Paris in 1959, where she lives and works today. After painting with oil, she became interested in other techniques: engraving, pen drawing, relief of marble powder, pastel, gouache. She creates abstract works, marked by architectural construction. Anna Mark’s gouaches follow a double evolution over the years: in forms  and colors which have evolved from black to earthy colors, and to luminous reds (gouaches first called Rouges de Pompéi). In these latest works, the architectural geometry reveals a fantasy of nuances that fit together, collide, combine, merge. The light vibrations participate in this mysterious alchemy that radiates, illuminates the space up to us.