Caribaï, L’empreinte du vent, Silvana Editoriale, 2021

This catalogue is published on the occasion of the exhibition “In a Floating World” held at the Museum of Asian Arts in Nice (May – December 2021), and edited in the form of a leporello by Silvana Editoriale.

Inspired by the architecture of the Musée départemental des arts asiatiques in Nice, Caribaï created L’empreinte du vent.
This monumental work, 33 metres long, combines ink painting, collage and engraving on wooden panels, and reproduces in fragments reminiscences of sensations and dialogues with both the architecture of Kenzô Tange and the museum’s precious collection of
Buddha collection in the museum. The question of the landscape is posed and crossed by cross-lighting between East and West.

Text by Adrien Bossard, director of the Asian Art Museum of Nice.

Price: 28 €

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CARIBAÏ, Dépaysages, Cfc Eds, 2017,

Textes by Akira Mizubayashi and Claude Louis-Combet
112 p


This new publication in Hungarian and French, published by the Pauker Collection in 2021, is a monograph that reviews Anna Mark’s various works, including Reliefs, Gouaches, Pen Drawings and Aquatint and Etchings. The works are accompanied by texts by Jean-Pascal Léger and Passuth Kristina and a selection of poems.

CATHERINE FRANÇOIS, Monography, Guy Duplat, Stève Polus. Published by Prisme Eds, 2021

Published in November 2021, this important monograph illustrates the prolific career of the artist: thirty years of sculpture, from the more figurative works of the beginning, to abstraction and the assemblies of materials, with glass or resin, which announced the recent recycling of the scraps of all kinds of materials produced by man. Throughout these pages, and in the diversity of the successive periods of the artist, we find this guideline that asserts itself over time: to be the echo chamber of the messages of nature. The most famous of his works, “Tomorrow’s Man” installed facing the sea on one of the breakwaters of Knokke, did it not already say in 2009, the vanity of man facing the elements? His fragility? And the imperative need to be part of Nature rather than to dispose of it? A creativity that expresses itself with all the energy of the living.

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ALEXANDRE HOLLAN, The visible invisible, Szépművészeti Múzeum – Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

Trilingual catalogue (Hungarian/French/English) published by the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts on the occasion of the artist’s donation of a body of work to the museum in 2021. It traces Alexandre Hollan’s donations to the museum since 2011 and includes a study and an interview with the artist to give a broader context to his works.


ELSA&JOHANNA, Beyond The Shadows, published by H2L2, 2021

Elsa&Johanna’s first book of photography, this work published by H2L2 retraces the series of 84 photographs Beyond the shadows, made between 2018 and 2019 in Calgary, Canada. A multitude of domestic, intimate, societal and poetic stories in which the line between fiction and reality is blurred.


DAVID DÉCAMP, Chemin de criox sans croix, édition Galerie La Forest Divonne, 2021

Catalogue realised on the occasion of David Décamp’s solo exhibition, “Chemin de croix sans croix”, at the Galerie La Forest Divonne – Paris from 16 September to 23 October 2021

Guy de Malherbe, Reliefs

Guy de Malherbe
Text by Pierre Wat & Luis Mizón
2020 – Galerie La Forest Divonne

Vincent Bioulès, Journal (1972-2018) "Dieu, les autres, les femmes, la peinture, la vie enfin ..."

Editions méridianes
Collection Quadrant – série Textes
462 pages
€ 27.00

JEAN-BERNARD MÉTAIS, Chambres sensorielles

Catalogue of the exhibition Chambres sensorielles

Edited by Galerie La Forest Divonne

Texts by Jean de Loisy and by Daniel Lebard

40 pages

€ 20.00

Alexandre Hollan, Au Pont du Diable

Croquis 1990-2010
Preface by Yves Michaud
Editions l’Atelier Contemporain
144 pages

L’INVISIBLE EST LE VISIBLE, Donation Alexandre Hollan

Catalogue of the donation Alexandre Hollan to Musée de Fabre, Montpellier.
Text by Michel Hilaire
Snoeck Publishers
125 pages

Jeff Kowatch, Full Circle

Catalogue of the exhibition Full Circle

Edited by Galerie La Forest Divonne with Galerie Faider

Texts by Michel Draguet

72 pages



30th anniversary book / Galerie La Forest Divonne

Editions La Forest Divonne

Préface by Michel Hilaire
Interview of Marie Hélène de La Forest Divonne and Jean de Malherbe

180 pages



Edition des Cendres & Galerie Documents 15
220 pages


Editions Pagina d’Arte + Galerie La Forest Divonne Paris Brussels
Photos Illés Sarkantyu
45 pages


David Décamp, Terminarès

Texts by François-René Martin, Lecturer in History of Art at the École Nationale des Beaux Arts de Paris.

Pictures by Sabine Serrad

55 pages – Edited by the Gallery La Forest Divonne for the show “Terminarès” du 21.02 au 07.04.18

15 euros – 100 copies

Arthur Larrue, Le Discours sur l'ombre

Text by Arthur Larrue and performed at the galery on November 22nd 2017

Written and published for the exhibition Project Room #2 – KALÉIDOSCOPE

Edited by Galerie La Forest Divonne – Bruxelles

5 €

Caribaï, Dépaysages

Texts by Akira Mizubayashi  and Claude Louis-Combet
Éditions CFC 2017.

24 €

Illés Sarkantyu, Gavrinis

“Une chambre”
Textes : Olivier Agogué, Janos Ber, Olivier Delavallade.
Editions Domaine de Kerguéhennec – 2017

€ 19.00

Illés Sarkantyu, Face au Vif

“Une résidence photographique au Domaine de Kerguéhennec”
Direction Olivier Delavallade. Texte de Pierre Wat.
Éditions Domaine de Kerguéhennec – 2016

€ 20.00

Bernadette Chéné, En temps et en lieu

Text Blandine Chavanne

Éditions  Art3

56 pages


Bernadette Chéné, Son lieu

Textes Didier Arnaudet, Françoise Arné, entretien avec Bernadette Chéné, Gaëlle Rageot-Deshayes

Éditions  de la collégiale Saint-Pierre-la-Cour au Mans

66 pages


Bernadette et Jean-Damien Chéné, La demeure et la veille

Textes de Jean-Damien Chéné

Illustrations de Bernadette Chéné

Éditions Art3

71 pages


Bernadette Chéné, Dans les fondations

Préface de Didier Arnaudet

Éditions Espace des Arts

32 Pages


Jeff Kowatch, Conversation avec Paul Emond

Text by Jeff Kowatch

Editions Tandem

120 pages


Alexandre Hollan, Questions aux arbres d'ici

Catalogue of Musée de Lodève

Under the supervision of Ivonne Papin-Drastik, texts by Yves Michaud and Stéphane Carrayrou

Somogy Editions d’Art – 2016

128 pages


Alexandre Hollan & Yves Bonnefoy, Trente années de réflexions, 1985 - 2015

Preface by Jérôme Thélot

Texts by Yves Bonnefoy

Editions L’Atelier contemporain – 2016


Guy de Malherbe, Monographie

Editions de Corlevour / Galerie La Forest Divonne

Preface by Franck Maubert

Pierre Wat, Olivier Delavallade, Antoine de Meaux, Patrick Cloux

160 pages

€ 39.00


Alexandre Hollan Monography, Work from 1953 to 2014

Editions de Corlevour / Galerie La Forest Divonne

Preface by Guy de Malherbe
Texts by Florian Rodari, Alain Madeleine-Perdrillat, Olivier Delavallade
224 pages

Alexandre Hollan, I am what I See, Notes about Painting and Drawing (1975-2015)

Editions Eres
302 pages

Arthur Aillaud, Catalogue

Editions Galerie La Forest Divonne

Textes Alain Berland

€ 10.00

JÉRÔME BRYON, Possibilité de Survie en Milieu Hostile

Éditions Cercle d’Art

Texts by Hervé Le Goff

112 pages

€ 35.00


Guy de Malherbe
Exhibition catalogue
Editions Galerie Marie Helene de La Forest Divonne

Texts by Olivier Delavallade


Guy de Malherbe, Chaos

Guy de Malherbe
Texte de Pierre Wat
Poème de Luis Mizon
2012 – Galerie Vieille du Temple

Guy de Malherbe, Derelicts

Guy De Malherbe
Texte d’Alain Bonfand
2008 – Galerie Vieille Du Temple


Guy de Malherbe, Répliques

Texte d’Alain Bonfand
2010 – Galerie Vieille Du Temple


Vincent Bioulès, Paysages du Sud

Musée de Lodève – 2010

Interview with Maïthé Valès, text by Pierre Wat

117 pages


Vincent Bioulès, Parcours, 1965-1995

Le paysage à Marseille dans les années 1990

Musée de Toulon / Galerie Athanor

Texts by Nathalie Bertrand, Yves Michaud, Jean-Roger Soubiran et Bernard Ceysson

255  pages


Alexandre Hollan, I am what I see – vol.2, Notes about Painting and Drawing 1997 - 2005

Editions Le Temps Qu’il Fait


Alexandre Hollan, I am what I see – vol.3, Notes about Painting and Drawing 2006-2011

Editions Le Temps Qu’il Fait


Jeff Kowatch, Catalogue

2009 – Galerie Vieille Du Temple / Earl McGrath Gallery / NegenPuntNegen Kunstgalerij


anna mark / lucien hervé / robert groborne, Catalogue

Centre d’Arts Plastiques de Royan – 2016

Text by Jean-Pascal Léger

39 pages


ANNA MARK, catalogue

Château de Ratilly – 2007

Interviews with Alix Franceschi-Léger and Martin Pierlot

30 pages



Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de la Ville de Meudon – 2015

Text by Jean-Pascal Léger


Arthur Aillaud, Catalogue

Text by Sally Bonn

2010 – Galerie Vieille du Temple



Editions Seuil – 2011

Texts by Béatrice Andrieux, Quentin Bajac, Michel Richard, Jacques Sbriglio

292 pages


Pierre Buraglio, Pierre Wat

Editions Flammarion

Collection La Création Contemporaine

Textes de Pierre Wat

191 pages

Jean-Bernard Métais, Temps imparti 1990-2015

Texts : Jean de Loisy, Cyrille Putman, Pierre Giquel, Jacques Brosse, Jean-Bernard Métais, Bernard Dulieu

Editions Longjin Art / Metais Studio – Galerie La Forest Divonne – 2015


Jean-Bernard Métais, Catalogue

Editions Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art – 2012


Bernadette Chéné, Autrement Dit

Musées d’Angers – 2012

Texts by Christine Besson, Jean-Damien Chéné, Françoise de Loisy, Christophe Cesbron

63 pages