Solo show
Thursday 20 May 2021

Galerie La Forest Divonne is pleased to welcome Samuel Yal in Brussels again, for the exhibition Panta Rhei.

Here, swords will float in the gallery, suspended in the air. We think of course of the sword of Damocles, and its threatening weight, but also of the sword of Solomon, instrument of judgment or decision. Black sandstone cypresses will be arranged as a forest all around, stretched towards the sky, in a movement contrary to that of the blades. Approaching them, we discover that they are covered with mysterious faces, the same faces that Yal makes in different enamels, flowing towards the ground or rising towards the sky. Panta Rhei: the title of the exhibition uses the formula attributed to Heraclitus: everything passes, everything flows… everything is transformed. Yal is interested in metamorphosis, in mutations. The transformation of matter is at the heart of his artistic practice, ceramics: transforming matter through fire.