10 Nov 2020 - 21 Nov 2020
Collective exhibition
Tuesday 10 November 2020
Elsa & Johanna, Jérôme Bryon, Lucien Hervé

From the Latin per se, composed of per (“by”) and of se (“self”), literally “by oneself, by oneself”.

La Forest Divonne gallery is pleased to present the exhibition project “Per Se” conceived for the 23rd Paris Photo Art Fair.

The exhibition brings together the work of three artists stimulated in their creations by constraint and isolation. Three artists of three generations and different views, from humanist photography to conceptual photography. The constraints in which they confine their lenses testify to the power of photography to transform reality, to initiate a motionless journey, and to trigger the imagination of the beholder. These three individual experiences of artistic confinement form a set of strong, poetic and touching images.