Solo show
Thursday 08 September 2022

From September 8 to October 29, Bernadette Chéné returns under the glass roof of the Galerie La Forest Divonne with a set of sculptures in raw and strong materials: cut metal plates, erected trunks, whose timeless beauty is revealed through an intervention as subtle as it is surprising. Here, the metal seems simply cut with a chisel and suddenly reveals a perspective, a play of light or unsuspected shapes. Elsewhere, it is a strong tree trunk in which Bernadette Chéné pierces a window, which she polishes or cuts like a comb.

Bernadette Chéné is a transmitter of emotions. In materials so familiar that sometimes we don’t see them anymore, she detects the beauty, the unexpected, the surprising, and gives us to see it. With delicacy, she takes the visitor by the hand, and seems to want to efface herself in front of the material and the forms that she creates, leaving us all to our encounter with the work. Bernadette Chéné is a visionary. She sees in the simplest things around us what must be revealed, quietly, but with an imperious necessity.

Included in the Brussels Gallery Weekend