Man Jok

09 Sep 2021 - 06 Nov 2021
Solo show
Thursday 09 September 2021
Man Jok

From September 9th to October 23rd, 2021, the artist Jeff Kowatch invites visitors to circulate between three exhibition spaces: the art galleries Faider and La Forest Divonne, and the ODRADEK exhibition space.

A journey through which the artist exposes himself in the diversity of his personality and his work, revealing the sometimes contradictory energies that cross both the man and the artist. Man Jok is the Korean name given to Jeff Kowatch during his initiation to Zen meditation in the 1990s. It means «Complete stillness», a state Jeff Kowatch seeks in his life and in his works.

The Galerie La Forest Divonne will exhibit recent works by Jeff Kowatch, created between 2018 and 2021, with the novelty of confronting face to face in the same rooms the oil paintings and the oil bars on aluminum the artist calls “drawings”. These two techniques carried out in parallel are anchored in the same practice of superimpositions of layers and colors in the long time (up to three years of continuous work for some canvases). However, the impression they give off seems to be opposite: large glazes on canvas, all inwardness and padded silences on the one hand, and «drawings» full of ardor and lively energy on the other.