Expo Chicago 2024

11 Apr - 14 Apr 2024
Solo show

After three successfull participations in Expo Chicago, Galerie La Forest Divonne Paris + Brussels is looking forward to a new edition of Expo with two french artists : Vincent Bioulès, presented at Expo 2022 and Guy de Malherbe.

Altough a main contributor to the avant-gardes of the 1960’s and 1970’s advocating the end of canvas (with Supports/Surfaces and ABC Productions), Vincent Bioulès (born in 1938), became one of the main actors of the return to figure painting since the 1980’s. This unrivalled painter seeks subversion within tradition by revisiting the great subjects of painting – landscapes, portraits and nudes – with extraordinary freedom.

Extensively reprensented in the Centre Pompidou collections and many other 1st class public and private European institutions, Bioulès’ lifelong œuvre was the subject of a major show at Musée Fabre, during the summer 2019, counting 200 paintings, some of which we would like to bring to Chicago. On that occasion, many critics named Bioulès « the French David Hockney », considering importance of his work, mastered technique, amazing colours, and this bold freedom of his.

Vincent Bioulès’ painting will dialogue with those of younger French painter Guy de Malherbe (born 1958). Also a great colorist, Guy de Malherbe has developped a very gestual and sensual painting, influenced both by expressionism and surrealism. Malherbe has shown regularly in NYC and Long Island, and in Montreal. His paintings figure in important private collections such as the Payson-Withney family in the USA. Over the past few years, he has had three solo museums shows (Musée du Mans, Musée de Trouville, Musée d’Evreux) while « Le Grand Manège » in Vendôme is preparing a major retrospective of his work for 2024, with close to 200 artworks.

Through the dialogue of these two artists, Galerie La Forest Divonne Paris + Brussels will testify to the vitality of french figure painting through two different generations of painters, from the 80s to nowadays.