19 Jun - 26 Jun 2022

La Forest Divonne Gallery presents Catherine François, Guy de Malherbe and Vincent Bioulès at BRAFA 2022- Stand 75.

From Sunday June 19 to Sunday June 26
Brussels Expo I Heysel, Palais 3 & 4 (entrance)
Place de Belgique 1, 1020 Brussels

Catherine François, whose magnificent abstract bronzes are well known, will present recent works composed of fragments of wood, glass or plastic that she combines with her favorite material: bronze. The result: astonishing heads, with singular expressions, inspired by these scraps gleaned from the water’s edge.

Guy de Malherbe has developed an important body of work, gathered under the name “Reliefs”. A word that evokes the rocks and landscapes of his previous paintings, as much as the reliefs of meals: oysters, lamb chops and plates of artichokes. The reliefs become the gateway to a dreamlike or metaphysical universe evoking a Buñuel-like surrealism.

Vincent Bioulès, known for having participated in the avant-gardes of the 1960s and 1970s (Supports/Surfaces, ABC Productions), seeks to subvert tradition by revisiting the great subjects of painting – landscapes, portraits and nudes – with an extraordinary freedom, a mastered technique and surprising colors. The painter was nicknamed “the French David Hockney” on the occasion of the great exhibition dedicated to him at the Fabre Museum, during the summer of 2019.