10 Sep - 13 Sep 2020

This year, we will give carte blanche to Elsa & Johanna who will offer, as part of the “Regard sur la scène française” tour, an immersive experience never seen before in their “Beyond the Shadows” series, produced in 2018 in Calgary (Canada). The installation of their photographs in an immersive environment which, like their works, questions the notions of truth and artifice, invites the spectator to enter their imaginary world, and triggers our emotions at first glance. In the other part of the stand, three artists long represented by the gallery will be exhibited, three generations of painters, to illustrate different trends at work in contemporary painting: Arthur Aillaud (born in 1973) will deploy a series of mysterious images, gleaned from the internet and explored through painting, in a remarkable economy of means. Guy de Malherbe (born in 1958), will present his recent “Reliefs”: a contemporary, very free interpretation of Flemish vanities, deploying oysters in large format, with bright colours, very much in matter and gesture. In front of him, Vincent Bioulès (born in 1938) will display his recent landscapes, built on the recurring motif of the Etang de l’Or: the sea and the sky separated by a thin horizon line, the purest expression of the landscape, the object of an infinite variety of interpretation. Observing these works, one will readily recall the abstraction practised by the artist in the 1960s.