For Art Brussels 2024, Galerie La Forest Divonne proposes an ambitious scenography titled « Rocks », around Gerard Kuijpers’ « Dancing Stones » : massive blocks of marble suspended on thin steel bars on which they start to swing gently when visitors engage with them. These teluric pieces have a very strong, magnetic presence, seemingly defying the laws of gravity and escaping the earth’s attraction. Their asteroid dance imbues their environment with wonder. These sculptures will be surrounded by paintings and drawings of two artists fascinated by rocks, cliffs and mountains : Valérie Novello and Guy de Malherbe. Novello’s amazing 3D works on paper are often monumental drawings molded on bas reliefs, swarming with pastel strokes, both abstract and landscape, while Malherbe’s thick paint builds a psycoanalytic atmosphere triggered by the shapes of cliffs and rocks left over on the shores, the very place where the known and the unknown, the solid and the liquid meet up, proper to imagination and mystery.

Brussels Expo
Halls 5 & 6
Place de la Belgique 1
1020 Brussels