Valérie Delarue


“Horizon d’argile” from March 27 to May 02, 2024 at Galerie La Forest Divonne, Paris


A graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris – in the studio of Georges Jeanclos – Valérie Delarue also pursued artistic training in Oackland, USA – in the studio of Viola Frey. She lives and works in Paris and the Yonne region.
Following photographic projects and video-performances on the theme of hair and dance, she returned to sculptural work with ceramics, a field she practices with real virtuosity and which has become a benchmark.

This intimate knowledge of the technical subtleties of the ceramic medium has enabled her to embrace two approaches that have become fundamental to her: that of the energy of the body leaving imprints in the clay, and that of the gestures of creation interpreted as a danced body-in-body with the material. These are all metaphors for vital energy, but also for a personal liberation in which sensuality is important.

“Valérie Delarue’s art consists in resolving conflicting forces into a harmonious whole. Alongside ceramic sculpture, she is renewing a relevant dialogue with drawing, with her dazzling art of pastel, through which she brings to life the dawn of a reconciled world, where human and mineral seem to be able to finally come together in an indistinct unity.”
– Frédéric Bodet, Curator of collections, Art critic, Exhibition curator